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Last Year, This Year

Yucca plants bloom in the spring, and then die back.  The stalks remain behind and new growth sprouts nearby.  The leaves at the base of the stalk are sharp and spiky.  They are a protected plant in California.  Every year, I love seeing the hillsides dotted with their tall flower stalks – often they are 7 – 10 feet tall.  In a land of low scrub, it is a pleasant break to the eye.

A Slice of Heaven

A Slice of Heaven

I’m trying to reclaim my life in some ways – the hours I’ve worked have been awful, and since changed for a bit more humane schedule.  So, to reclaim my life, it means I cannot let the whiney, lazy me take over and say, wah, not enough time!  This morning, up at 6, coffee, pulled on my stinky clothes from yesterday, and went out, film cameras and phone in hand.  What a delightful thing to do!  No one around . . . the birds were singing their mating songs (especially lovely were the mockingbirds) and flitting about.  Everywhere, the pungent scent of the chaparral’s resinous plants.  The sun was still low in the sky.  As I walked, I looked, and saw . . . a wild rose in bloom . . . quails running for cover . . . mourning doves within a few feet of me.  A slice of heaven!