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On the Edge

Whenever we get cabin fever during shelter-in-place Covid-19 orders, we get out and drive, and explore new bits around us. This was in a split-level park, with different plateaus connected by walking paths. Here, a bit of ground cover at the edge of a level, butting up against the spring mustard blooms. Not exciting as far as scenery, but a pleasant little neighborhood park we had not seen before. Well, sort of a neighborhood park – 30 miles away!


I have no idea what kind of flower this is, but it is strange to see in a field of dried grasses and weeds. Its luxuriant and big – large, fuzzy green leaves and flowers that are about 5 inches across. It’s a viney-like critter.

Camera here is the small and mighty Olympus XA4, Fuji Pro 400H film, and home-scanned using a Pakon 135 NonPlus. Some post.