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North by Northwest

While walking out on the Ventura Pier, I was rather surprised about how empty the beaches were in the middle of summer – until I remembered it was a weekday. Here, the beaches seldom get swamped like you see in some pictures, with people stumbling over each other, but usually there are more people at play. The coronavirus has reached the shores of the Pacific!

Here, looking up the coast as it curves around and heads toward the Rincon and Santa Barbara. There is a boardwalk and bike path that lead to the outlet of the Ventura River. Surfers usually gather at the point where the buildings end, but the tide was out and the sea quiet.

There Were Three Jolly Fishermen

It was a bright day out on the Ventura Pier, soon after the heavy stay-at-home ban had been lifted.  Lots of people out and about, enjoying the sun and a sense of freedom.  These guys were really fascinated by my camera – a Yashica Mat D TLR – and were willing to pose when asked.  Not a bad catch, so to speak!

Yashica Mat D, Kodak Portra 400.