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Grindelia in Winter

For some reason I think this plant is called grindelia, which is a rather thorny plant with yellow flowers.  It is also a bit sticky when green and in bloom.  In the winter the leaves dry and it becomes a bit more thorny.  In many ways it is well-suited for a dryish clime.  The resinous qualities of the leaves help preserve moisture, thorny qualities deter making it a lunch.  It has a pleasant scent and you can smell it when you walk by or through it.  The fields where I walk host its growth along with various grasses and flowers, all of which become a drab shade of brown as the dry season progresses.

Dead in Winter

Last year we had a lot of rain in California where I live.  This winter, none that I can recall.  The weeds – here, wild mustard – grew to enormous heights because of all the rain.  We might get rain tonight.  The fact is, these dried weeds are what made the Thomas Fire so fierce – a lot of dead growth left over from a wet winter a year ago.

Reality is Setting In! and A Tree at Sunset


Well, the fact is, I am way too busy and far too short of time to do this proposed 365 project.  So, instead of doing a 365, I am just going to go back to looking at things and taking pictures of what I like.  I’ve been quite unhappy with my inability to commit to the project . . . I seldom quit anything I start.

So, here is a tree, which is something I enjoyed photographing very much.

Winter’s Field

Winter's Field

During my years painting, I always seemed to focus on small parts of things, not the entire thing – the hidden essence. In photography, I find myself still drawn to the plain or minimal. My last walk was into a field, shortly after a rain. The clouds were breaking up, sunshine coming and going, the wind was brisk, and the smell of damp earth filled the air. Yesterday’s lone bird, and today’s winter’s field try to catch this in each solitary moment.