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Postcard from the Garden of the Gods

Post Card from Garden of the Gods

This is another photo, taken last year at the Garden of the Gods Park outside of Colorado Springs. The rock formations are wonderful; at times, the drama of the sky is amazing as the Garden abut the Rocky Mountains. The day I took this picture, though, the sky was flat and colorless. Thus . . . I used a sky out of extras in PPS9, and refined the edges using the Perfect Brush, the Refine Brush, and the Chisel tool. Once done, back to LR and a VSCO preset with adjustments to reduce color and work until the colors worked together. For me, the best results were somewhat odd, but in looking at them, they became to resemble post cards from the 50s and 60s because of the colors – not quite right, but expressive of the environment. Rather pleased with this one.