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For the Vernal Equinox


This has been a crazy several weeks . . . primarily, car problems leading to searching for a new one to replace the one which died, and finally taking the plunge.  I got what I wanted.

However, the fact is, life came to a halt.  No time for photography, only time to take a quick peek at what I have already done.  Today, I got out and about, but this is from a roll I did a couple of weeks ago.

A sycamore tree with new leaves!  How glorious is that?  Taken with Portra 400, Voigtlander RF, Heliar 105mm, 6×9 folder.



I’ve a small collection of older cameras.  This is a portrait of one of my favorite people, taken with a Voigtlander RF, a folder from the 1930s.  It has a Heliar uncoated lens, 105mm, which is appropriate for the 6×9 camera size.  The film is Portra 400, 120.

I have done some post processing here, cleaning up a streak running through the film, as well as erasing bits and pieces of odd detritus.  I also pushed the color a bit, as the original image was rather pale – perhaps a bit overexposed.