A Spot of Sunshine

A Spot of Sunlight

With the rare rains we have had, life jumps out in a wonderful abundance. In a local park, I walked in an area I had never before seen, and enjoyed seeing and smelling the beginnings of a California spring. In particular, this vine with its small white flowers caught my eye – tucked under the trees in a spot of sunlight, it just glowed.

Spring Vine

Spring Vine

Los Angeles never ceases to surprise me. This is from a park tucked up into the mountains north of the city, in the middle of a rather nice bit of suburbia. With the recent rains, the hills are green, and soon to be filled with wildflowers, for which I will return better prepared to take pictures.

I pushed this quite a bit because the original picture was quite dull. Somehow, ordinary greens never seem to speak of the lushness of spring, so adding contrast and increasing the yellows already in the picture made it more interesting to me.