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Trail a la Lomo

Trail a la Lomo

Hmmm.  The images I get back from the photo lab are grungy.  They arrive grungy.  Using the Epson V600, I find crud everywhere.

With this picture, I moved it around on the scanner to decide if it was the neg or the scanner, and the neg won.

I cleaned the image with PEC-12, and the crud disappeared – a bit.

Then different settings in Epson Scan.  Final settings which produced acceptable results were 2400 dpi, 48 bit color, digital ice, and medium unsharp mask.  Final clean up in On1 Photo 10 and LR.  Film was Kodak Ektar 100.

Sunset Along the Trail

Sunset Along the Trail

Last night I took the Nikon Df and the Tokina 17mm f3.5 ATX Pro out at sunset. Little did I know it was a super moon last night! What a sight to see as it come over the hilltops.

This picture was taken as the sun was going down. In the picture, the sun is to your right, and you are looking south. I think this picture caught the soft glow of the light very nicely.