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Revisited: 12/21/2011

I cannot believe I have digital images going back to 2007 – but I do! I will be looking at them a bit more and pulling out ones I rather like. The reasons for choosing this one or that will be variable as the day.

Today’s choice is one that I took in December 2011 at the local botanical garden. I wonder if it’s in bloom right now! I haven’t been up there for a bit because of the rainy weather and the holidays. I should go take a look pretty soon!

BTW, I think this is a protea, but I may be wrong. I used my now-lost Nikon D7000 and Tamron 70-300mm lens.


I’ve been busy writing lately and haven’t had much time to look at the world around me.  When I do look, I look at plants and the sky – the natural world.  Suburbs don’t have much to offer in the sense of drama and awe – it is the little things that must suffice.  And suffice they do, whether in the local botanical gardens or the vistas of the open spaces.  This is another image from my trip a week or so ago to the local garden, using the Nikon Df an the Tamron 70-300mm.  Early morning light and shadows made for some beautiful photos.

Please Be Seated

This is a doozy of a pano – about 40 – taken with the Df and the 70-300 Tamron.  I used MS’s Image Composition Editor.  It does a really good job, much faster the Photoshop.  Click on the image a couple of times to see the detail and size of this picture – and I reduced it substantially from the original pano!

This particular bench is a favorite of mine, both to photograph and to plop down upon to survey the world around me.

Yet Another Tree

I don’t live in a very exciting city, with high rises and fascinating places to go.  Little if any long history, with conquistadors and religious wars and so on.  Rather, I live in a place where suburbs exist, farm land and ranches are nearby, and the open spaces are places of refuge from long work days.  Although I was born in Chicago, most of my life has been spent in rural areas and small towns.  Today, I live in the biggest town since I was born, with 127,000 population, but it was designed to include 30% of it being reserved for open space.  How lucky am I?  Pretty darn lucky!

Little Friend

The local botanical garden is filled with new growth.  Vines, trees, shrubs, bulbs are in bloom.  Birds and lizards and coyotes are to be seen, and the squirrels are fatter than fat.  I was walking home from my visit when a rustling caught my ear . . . this guy was just bopping around within feet of me, and luckily I could get his portrait before he flew off to explore new territory.  This is a Dark-eyed Junco.

The Birds


Today I cleaned up this blog a bit, and in doing so created pages for each month of the years I’ve been doing this . . . over four years.  In July of this year, I was not in a good mood about photography or what I was doing.  My ego was quite into it, in a bad way.  Burn out is not a good thing.  While rummaging through things, I came across this picture from February 2014.  I rather like it, though it is better suited for Halloween than Thanksgiving!