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Some Kind of Nightmare

This morning while sipping coffee in Glenwood Springs, CO, and browsing the images from the camera I downloaded the other day, I came across this one – a play image or a mistake – badly under exposed and grainy. It really caught me as something rather odd, surreal, not something I would want to encounter if these things were alive. Images of nooses and creatures waiting to gobble you up or wrap themselves around you. Technological nightmare? I don’t know. But here you are – a bit of play in a gothic way.

I prefer flowers, myself.

The Tunnel

Sheltering in place and closures of public places and retail and a general curtailment makes for a strange life. Out for a bit of a hike today, I ended up on a trail that goes from a residential neighborhood, under a very busy road, and past a school. I felt like I was in another world – the light was dim as the storm clouds are rolling in. As it is all surreal, these seemed like good ways to process the pictures . . .