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The Canonet QL17 is a nice, solid rangefinder, which has an “A” for automatic, as well as the capability to be manually set in all areas.  I shot a roll of Agfa Vista 200, mostly on “A” to see how well it works.  Overall, I think I may prefer to set my exposure factors manually as a lot of the images were a bit blurry or soft.  I’ve got some film someplace that may be a bit sharper, shot a year or so ago, that I need to find in order to do some comparisons.  This was taken in the food area of The Grove in L.A.



Having a phone camera can be rather nice . . . not always the best shot, but sometimes the most candid and discreetly taken.  Everyone has a cell phone, and everyone has cameras in their phones (for the most part).  In bad light, blur; in good light, glare.  And in perfect conditions, sometimes it is nearly impossible to tell it was taken by a phone.