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For Warmer Weather

Pentax 6×7 – Lomo 100

Sewing projects – summer blouses of 100% cotton are nearly impossible to find these days. Everything has spandex. I hate buying clothes these days because of it – all it does is make me sweaty. I guess it’s time to learn how to make pants, too, because of all that crappy spandex. Or start wearing dresses.

This is another metered image from the Pentax 6×7 on Lomo 100.



This next year I want to explore film photography more. This picture is not really exciting, but it is a jpg produced on a professional scanner by a professional film developing company. I haven’t gotten the negatives back yet, but I suspect it is a 400 iso film; I hope the negs will tell me which film is what!

I like the grain, and I like the colors – not what I would normally get in a SOOC image on any of my digital cameras. In LR, I can really manipulate the noise / grain to make it nearly disappear – but is that what I really want to do?

Looking at the scans, I see there is a lot to consider in film photography, especially since it really does look different than digital, even in a jpg!