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At the Edge of the Garden

The Edge of the Garden

The botanical garden is just gorgeous right now! It’s had its spring cleaning done, and all the undergrowth has been cleared away. Between the trees is simply leaves, new plantings, and trees budding out and in bloom. I went there yesterday in search of the bulbs, primarily the narcissus, but they were past their season. Ah, well! There was still plenty more to see.

The rocks you see above for a long time were overgrown and not tended. Now they have been cleaned up and I think later on the Matilija poppies will show up. I noticed a lot of new growth where I know they grow, so that will be a sight to see. These rocks are on the edge of the garden, with a fence separating them from the nearby condos and the hill beyond, which I really should climb one day!

I brought the X100V along with me, and no dogs as the last time I did I went flying down a hill, camera in hand. We all survived, but as there are other dogs here and squirrels to chase, it seemed prudent to come alone – this way I could look and wander a bit.

On the Rocks

My old, creaky bones don’t give me the pleasure of playing on rocks any more, much less climbing over fences to get to them. I rather envied these kids! There is something so enticing about perching above a clear bit of ocean – here, the Monterey Bay – and peering into the water below. Fish, anemones, kelp, rocks. Tide pools have the same fascination. As this neck of the bay is protected, the waters are clear and pristine. Wildlife, above and below the water, is readily seen.

Lomo Metropois, Nikon FM2n, Series E 100mm.


Toity poiple boids all poiched in a twee, toity poiple boids all choiping at me!

These guys were all lined up on the rocks, not trees, below the bike path in Pacific Grove. No idea what they are but they created lines and patterns, rather camouflaged, which took a bit to discern initially.

Lomo Metropolis, Nikon FM2n, 100mm Series E.

Early Morning

Today promises to be frying hot – 91F or more. The house is already closed up to keep it cool – thank goodness for modern insulation! – so we don’t have to use the air conditioning. I took this image not too long ago on a considerably cooler day, and that is what I want to think about rather than suffocating heat! The plus side of the heat is flowers love it and as it is too hot and bright to go outside for strenuous activities, it is a perfect day to do things around the house, like sewing and such. Domestic life suffers in the summer around here.

Where’s the Water?

In California, we have been dealing with increasing drought over the years. Usually this creek runs with water falling from Nojoqui Falls in Santa Barbara County, but here it is dry. With the winter’s rainy season beginning, I want to return, perhaps after a storm, as this really is a lovely little creek when it’s moving along. Even dry, it’s nice.

Tra-La-La Along the Garden Path

Another view of the local botanical gardens.  Today’s image is much sharper than yesterday’s – less muddy from a bit of blur.  Again, Weltur, Ilford, and Xenar.

It seems the Xenar is quite good at handling contrast.  The LR historgram shows both in its display.  As well, the Epson V600 handles C-41 processed B&W film with Digital Ice – very little clean up done in post.  With one roll of the XP Super film left, I am tempted to get some more . . .