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More post processing of older pictures.  Over the next week, revisits to the California Poppy Reserve outside Los Angeles.  The day we went was windy and cold, and my fingers were so numb I could barely hold the camera.  The sky was filled with clouds, the air was clear, and the hills were covered with blues and oranges of lupine and poppies.

This caught my eye yesterday – all the curves in the cloud, path, hills, shadows.

9 / 365 Mucky Corner


Between getting used to being back to work after a two week holiday, and multiple visits to the dentist this past week, I’ve been too tired to post.  So, en masse, here come some more corner pictures.  Hopefully, I will get stuff out daily, even though I get to continue my visits to the dentist(s).

With the heavy rains (for us), rain is puddled in the tracks of vehicles and feet of hikers.  Toward sundown, it’s another way to see the sky above in the pools of water.

On the Road to Bodie

On the Road to Bodie

We spent a day in Bodie, California, a silver-mining ghost town in the middle of the high desert in northern California off Hwy. 395.  It’s a photographer’s paradise, a state park, and a place with a very interesting history.  The dry air keeps it preserved – as preserved as it can be – and the drive out is lonely.