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After yesterday’s post, and Fraggy’s wish for rain for us, something happened.

The sky is falling. Water is coming down.




Here in my dry neck of the woods, rain in July is a miracle. Thunder and lightning seldom happen. The smell of wet concrete, the pattering of rain on the leaves, the dripping in the eaves, the splotchy sunshine. All this is coming through the studio window this morning.

More than 30 minutes after it started, it is still raining.


14 / 365 Pond at the Corner of the Path


The rains have begun to turn our dreary California landscape into a bright green.  This little puddle is now a pond.

While a lot of California is considered to be “out of the drought”, where I live, we are still considered to be in drought conditions.  We have more storms on the way, which will help with our drought, but the aquifers are still below normal levels.  Unless California considers continuing stringent water control and water storage problems, these rains will mean nothing if we have little rain in the years to come.

5 / 365 Hidden Corner & Path


A corner may also be a “hidden part of the world” – I think this fits the theme element for this month.  Throw in the little curve in the path, and we perhaps have covered two?  For me, these little gems of natural beauty are the best.  11 images to make the panorama.



Sunday morning we had weather! Like clouds in a normally cloudless sky. Rain. Chilly weather at 72F. And it was heaven.

So, loaded with film and with digital, I walked along the creek, about 50 feet above it on the Moonrise trail. For me, this is a bit of a sketchy trail because it’s a bit treacherous here and there, so always best with a friend. I shot a lot of panos that morning, and took a roll of film, too, with my Canonet QL17. Here is one of the panos of that exquisite morning sky. Click on it a couple of times to see it larger.


Early Morning


Another photo from the misty, moisty morning I climbed out of bed . . . .  While the Galaxy S5 takes OK panos, I like the stitching-together process better.  Here is a view of Mount Clef across the grasses of the small valley in Wildwood Park nearby my home.  Today we expect 86F, and tomorrow 91F.  I think I live in hell sometimes, even though it is very pretty!  I am tired of this heat – ongoing heat – and dream of water falling from the sky.