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14 / 365 Pond at the Corner of the Path


The rains have begun to turn our dreary California landscape into a bright green.  This little puddle is now a pond.

While a lot of California is considered to be “out of the drought”, where I live, we are still considered to be in drought conditions.  We have more storms on the way, which will help with our drought, but the aquifers are still below normal levels.  Unless California considers continuing stringent water control and water storage problems, these rains will mean nothing if we have little rain in the years to come.

Pond at McLane Creek

Pond at McLane Creek (2 of 2)

This is a re-work of a photo I took last August on our trip through the Olympic Peninsula. McLane Creek is a nature preserve some miles outside where we stayed in the area of Olympia, Washington. The trail takes you through rain forest with moss-covered trees, along muddy paths, and onto boardwalks to keep you safe and the plants safe. Here, there is a viewing platform which looks across this pond into the neighboring mountains. We came here as there are beavers rumored to building ponds – sadly, we did not see any – but the beauty of the trail made up for that! My problem with this photo is there is soooooo much green!