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Now, For a Bit of Spring Color!!

I am doing a 365 wordless black and white project this year, but every now and again the need for color rears its head!  With nothing demanding my time – being retired is so cool! – I am doing a lot of film photography and using some of my vintage cameras.  And, now, I guess vintage film as Agfa Vista 200 is no longer with us . . .

This image was done using Agfa Vista, as stated, and a really interesting camera that I got from the same gentleman who refurbished the Agfa Silette I wrote about earlier.  This is a twin lens reflex (TLR) 35mm camera called the Flexilette, produced from 1960-1961.  The first roll of film I put through it bombed because I pulled the rewind knob out too far and disengaged the canister.  This time I didn’t, and got some really amazing shots.  (Not that I am a great photographer, but the film and camera did a great job!)

I plan to write a review of the Flexilette, but if you want to read about it, do so here.  Meanwhile, a wonderful and colorful spring to you!

Kangaroo Paw

Kangaroo Paw

While wandering around Canoga Park last weekend, we went into the local Green Thumb Nursery, which is one of the best nurseries in the area. Plants are endlessly fascinating to me, and this one especially. Kangaroo Paws are odd plants, relatively new (past ten years or so) to this area, I think. Anyway, we wandered throughout the place, taking pictures of flowers and plants and watering cans and so on. I liked the color rendering here, done using Photo Ninja.