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While I love the convenience of digital, I find I am being drawn more into the slower moves of analog / film photography because of the subtleties one finds in film.  The colors vary with film, exposure factors, lens and camera, and while it is possible to emulate them digitally, it just isn’t there visually.

Nikon FM2N, Elicar 55mm f2.8 Macro, Lomo 100 changed to b&w.

New Little Leaves

New Leaves

The tiniest details are always so interesting . . . the lens here is an old one, probably from the 70s.  It is an Elicar manual focus macro lens, which can do a 1:1.  I think it is very similar to the Nikon 55mm macro.  It has a great feel to it, and the beauty of this lens is its diversity – use it like a standard 50-55mm or use it as a macro.  One of my favorites!