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White Rose

White Rose (1)

More going back through the photographic archives!

This morning I came across some images from 4/2011 when I was using a friend’s Nikon D70. I think this may be a Pope John Paul II white rose in my front garden. I took a number of images with an exposure long enough to let me blur the image, but short enough not to make a mess. There are about 10 that I did, some which are rather nice, I think. I like this one because of its softness, but also as I was looking at them, I was also thinking they could make for some rather interesting paintings.

Over the Fence

Hanging Fruit
I went out for a walk shortly before the sunset, camera in hand, to catch the first of the spring flowers and to get the flowering pears in bloom before they fade. This lemon tree lives a few houses away, down the hill, and always hangs some fruit over the fence. I find it rather charming and cheerful – and luckily our neighbor provides us with lemons so I don’t feel any temptation to swipe . . .

Red Berries

Red Berries

Today is one of those wonderful days where winter is giving way to spring. Here in California where I live it means the air is cooler, sky is blue, the breeze is fresh. Buds are forming on trees that shed their leaves and had them blown away by the east winds. Bulbs are emerging, some already blooming. It’s just a delightful time to be oot-n-aboot – we were oot for a good 3 miles, dogs, and Josh, and the X100V!



I really do like trees! I admit to a leaning toward deciduous hardwoods, but when I saw this shadow projected onto the building, I realized that one of the things I enjoy about palm trees is just their crazy (to me) appearance. This shadow looks like me on a bad hair day, but for the palm, it is nice and tidy.

Nikon FM3a, 50mm f1.2, and Tri-X. And more to come!