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Little Creek

Little Creek Amongst the Trees

A bit of nature in the land of suburbia.

Actually, this is just one part of a creek which runs throughout my neighborhood and into the open space a few miles away. Rain water washes into the creek from gutters, and you can find breeding ducks and frogs in its water. I have even seen an egret there. After our rains, we have a fair bit of water in it, and I enjoy walking a few blocks to the park, just to hear its trickle and see kids and dogs having a bit of a riot.

Cast Beneath the Trees

In the lands of Covid-19, public libraries are closed, but the grounds are open for wanderers and snoops like me. This is a statue that I enjoy – the pleasures of reading, as passed down through the generations. Reading is so magical as your mind does the work, and imagination creates images and sounds and such that nothing else can equal.