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Grass Lake

Eastern Oregon; Grass Lake.

Apparently back in the early part of the last century, this was a really nice place to come. The lake was renown for fishing and there was a hotel – resort, anyone? So, to kill a lot of fish all at once, someone decided to do it with dynamite. The result? The area is volcanic and beneath the lake was a cave or something, made from cooled lava. The dynamite broke the roof of the cave . . . drained the lake . . . lots of dead fish, and that was it.

The End.

Now it is a lovely rest stop alongside the road, with a trail, picnic grounds, pet area, and a much welcomed spot. When it rains, I think the lake may fill with water, but for now native grasses fill the lake bed.

Into the Trees

Into the Trees

This past week I’ve changed my camera, LR, and PS to all use Adobe RGB. I’ve also calibrated my monitors using i1 Display Pro. Finally, changed to 14-bit images for the camera default. Truth is, though, I really need a good monitor, but all the adjustments with hardware and software are producing more consistency across the board.