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Yet Another Tree

I don’t live in a very exciting city, with high rises and fascinating places to go.  Little if any long history, with conquistadors and religious wars and so on.  Rather, I live in a place where suburbs exist, farm land and ranches are nearby, and the open spaces are places of refuge from long work days.  Although I was born in Chicago, most of my life has been spent in rural areas and small towns.  Today, I live in the biggest town since I was born, with 127,000 population, but it was designed to include 30% of it being reserved for open space.  How lucky am I?  Pretty darn lucky!



Another film image from the 1930s Voigtlander Bessa Rangefinder, using Fuji Pro 400H film.  There is an Impressionist painting which keeps flitting across my mind every time I look at this picture – hence the title.  I think it is a picture by Renoir, of a lady in a white dress looking around a tree in dappled sunlight . . . .

In the Canyon

In the Canyon

This was taken a few weeks ago while out on a hike through the local backcountry.  Spring is fading away, and wildfires are already beginning to rear their flames.  The plants here are more lush than they have been in some time – we had a bit of rain!

Nikon FM2N, Elicar 55mm f2.8 Macro, Fuji Superia Xtra 400, Pakon 135 scanner.

In the Canyon, BW