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Stalking the Photographer

Stalking the Photographer

Out for a walk the other day, camera in hand, and at the local park, I noticed this mother and her kids rock hopping in the creek. I saw her husband and tried to keep him out of the photo since he was taking pictures, too. Little did I notice his shadow, camera in hand, until I took a look at my photos! I think this is pretty funny, and I certainly doubt I would have ever succeeded if I had tried!

Ivy and Woodpile

Woodpile & Ivy

With the esposo off to Disneyland with a few old co-workers of yore, I am home alone, unsupervised, and bored. With that said, what else is there to do except get out with the camera, no dogs, and go for a brisk walk in fine, cool, clear winter weather?

I stayed fairly close to home and thought it would be fun to look for things that are part of my daily life and try to see them a bit differently than I might if I was just out for a casual stroll. Looking and seeing, taking time on the small bits of my environment, always give me a lot of pleasure. And this is one of the things I “found” – a bit of our neighbor’s yard. The light was gorgeous – later afternoon, but not quite evening – and by cropping to a square and enhancing the image a bit, I really liked what happened.

Taking time to look and not having a leash or two pulling me along, much less pulling me off my feet, was fun. Suburbia is quite boring at times, but other times it produces a lot of great visual gifts. I got a few today, and that makes me rather happy.

Pine Trees

We are staying at the edge of the Riverside National Forest, just outside of Spokane, WA. The Spokane River runs through it. Tall pine trees and other plants – flowers, bushes – line the banks of the river. Some people have houses along the shoreline. In high summer, the dusty, dry smell of pine needles fills the air. So do a few bugs – I got a nasty bite from some kind of fly and it hurt! Despite the bugs, it is always a pleasure to walk through a forest and be in the countryside.

Grain Elevator

Grain Elevator Along the Columbia

As we wend our way to Wisconsin by car, we are seeing a lot of the West – the non-burning part so far – and this is a grain elevator (I think) taken as we drove by it. To one side we had barren hills, an occasional tree, the freeway in front of us, and to the other side, the broad expanses of the Columbia River in Oregon. A building was rare in this barren, beautiful land.