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Getting Ready to Paint

Because of Ms. Fraggy (you know who you are!) I decided to pick up an adapter so I could use my Helios lens from the good old USSR.  I got one to fit my Nikon F-mount cameras.  Several years ago I bought the Praktica film camera, which I really don’t like, along with the Helios lens.  Rambling around the house and randomly taking pictures, I saw the sunlight through the plastic box in which my gouache paints live and liked the way it looked.  Baggies, paint tubes, plastic – modern life in B&W.


This is a small, small bit of a larger image – only when I started looking carefully did I see this little bunny.  He was against a beige-grey background, just like him.  Only when he hops away do you see his flashy white tail.  I read somewhere that the bunnies in our area run away from predators, who follow the flashy white spot on their rumps, and then, when they think they are safe, the bunnies turn sideways, blending into the background.  Silly predator keeps on running!