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The Hill

More browsing through history! Today, a trip back to the spring of 2017, a hike on a pathway behind the local botanical garden. Obviously there was some rain that year as there are green plants!

One thing I really enjoy doing is making panoramas out of a whole series of images. Sometimes I fail to get enough to create a good study, and that is where Photoshop comes in. I did a lot of filling in of empty spaces, and if you look closely you will see repetition of the cloud in the upper right corner, and plants in the lower left corner. That is what happens when I hand hold my Nikon Df camera and a long lens – this was the Tokina 100 macro lens. I think I took about 50+ photos here. I like to use a macro lens for panos because of the sharpness that is inherent in such lenses.

Altogether, I like what I did in post here. The coloration and composition are pleasant and summery. I also think it is a photo worth using as the basis for a landscape.


The first time I saw photos taken with the Nikon 50mm f1.2 AI-S lens I was smitten with lust. The narrow DOF, the bokeh, the visual qualities of the lens all beckoned. For years I have sat on the fence about buying one – they are expensive!

Finally, I gave in and found a wonderful deal on “that auction site” and won it for what I consider to be a good price. I bought it 3 days ago, and now it is here, complete with hood, front and back caps, but in need of a filter. I removed one from another 52mm-filter-using lens, and went to work. I took these with my Nikon Df just now.

I shot all of these wide open at iso 100, indoors and out to see how the 1.2 aperture worked. To say I am happy is an understatement. The Df shows what the lens can do, an it still retains that quality that many older lenses. The serial number of this lens indicates it is an older one, dating from an earlier manufacturing run. This lens has been made for over 40 years, from 1981 till 2006 from what I can see. Since you can still buy them new on B&H for $749.00, perhaps they are still being made.

I ordered some extra filters to use with this lens. I already have UV and orange, but amongst my other 52mm filters I have NDs and polarizers along with an Orange 21. I have decided to add both yellow and red to use with black and white film on the FM3a to experiment and learn more about colored filters.

And that brings me to another thought: I need to up my game and challenge myself a bit with photography. Perhaps a 365 project with hints from sources, or just a determination to shoot B&W film for a year with this lens and the FM3a. Maybe I should aim for 3 images a week with just one film (ie Tri-x, HP5) or a variety of B&W films to see what they are all about. It certainly could be fun.

So, a BIG Christmas present to myself . . . a prime lens I know I am going to enjoy.

Happy Holidays everyone!


This is a beautiful amaryllis which my mother-in-law had sent to me for a Christmas present. It’s called a “Naomi,” which pleases me no end! It’s a rather stunning one, I think (much like its namesake); a bit short, but with 6 flowers on each stem. It’s also a lovely pale salmon, more pink than orange.

Gifts like this really do “keep on giving” because I have been enjoying it for several months now!

Our Daily Bread

I have been in a funk about photography – bad weather is my excuse about not getting out. Laziness is more the reality. And, a total lack of inspiration. We all go through these funks, but it gets exciting when interest picks up again, often with fresh eyes and thoughts.

I started the Instax Printer Project to just get me to do things. Hiking is really what gets me oot-and-aboot to make pictures. On the other hand, it can be a challenge, and a pleasure, to photograph the mundane. Bread and butter is mundane, but homemade rye bread and butter is a different story! I made some yesterday, and managed not to gobble it down just out of the oven.

Oh, yum!

Moon & Mars

Last night we went out and looked at the moon. Just past full, with Mars at 11:00. Josh had tried to take pictures of it with his phone, but to no avail. This was the perfect opportunity to check out the gear head!

The Nikon Df and Nikon 24-120mm f/4 lens were mounted, in both landscape and portrait mode. The tripod and camera were rock solid and the gear head did a fine job. We had to dig out a flashlight to see the camera settings and goof around a lot. It would have been nice to have a more clear image with details of the seas of the moon, but that didn’t happen.

Exposure was a bit of a trick – how long? Initially the camera was on aperture priority, but that wouldn’t have been for the best. Autofocus was really confused, too. In the end, all was set to manual, and exposures were done at 6, 8, and 10 seconds were attempted using the B mode, counting off. The exposure for this image was 6.9 sec per the EXIF data.

I think I need to do a bit of reading about shooting the moon, and try again tonight!

Fiery Sunrise

This Labor Day weekend has been hotter than hell, setting records for heat (121 F in Los Angeles), and creating havoc. Fires are everywhere in California. So far we have been spared – but the smoke is filling the sky from fires hundreds of miles away, and ash is falling. The sunrises are beautiful because of it, but breathing it is not so beautiful! This morning, the sky was murky with a few clouds. Through it all came a fiery red sun.

I was a bit torn about editing this photo as I did – the sky is more lavender here than in reality. However, I am of the thought that the unreal quality I saw this morning is better expressed in unreal colors . . .