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Cactus Flowers at Sunset

About 3 weeks ago I dropped off some slide film I finally finished up.  The problem was I couldn’t advance my film or rewind it halfway through the roll.  Off to the neighborhood repair shop, and voilà!  Just a this and a that, and the film worked.  I advanced a few and finished up the roll.

This is a view of my neighbor’s garden – he has one of the finest “southwestern” gardens I have seen because it is well kept and not full of weeds.  At sunset, with soft light, a row of blooms – quite lovely.

I was hoping to get a lot of photography done this week since I am off from work, but instead I decided to break my wrist and finger on Easter Sunday, just to do something different.

On the Table

On the Table

Awhile ago I loaded up the FM2n with Rollei Crossbird Creative Edition film. It is very, very green. That is okay, but not a good suggestion for landscapes . . . green and then some. Anyway, it is an interesting film, and when there is red in the image, and blues or turquoises, the color skews are not unpleasant. This is one of the two I liked as far as color from the roll.