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Fat Tire

Over a year ago I won a couple of rolls of Dubble film, and it was shipped all the way from Spain.  I finally got around to using it.  This is a desaturated image – since this is a black and white year – but the color one is pretty cool, too.  A lot of oddly colored films don’t appeal to me, but I really liked the results I got from it.  When I post a desaturated image from that lot, I’ll include the original, too.  I clean things up in LR and such, getting rid of the specks and threads of processing, but for the color ones, that is all I will do.


A Bit of Color: Loquats for the Picking

A break from the silent 365 project.

Spring is here!  In my area, orange trees are in blossom, filling the air (i.e. my back patio) with sweet smells.  Flowers are blooming, bulbs are emerging, and the butterflies are flying around!  We have not seen such abundance in nature for years here – drought and fire.  Today, it is cloudy and overcast, the sky is ominous.  It even rained while I was out for a short hike through Wildwood Park to catch what remains of the super bloom.  I took my trusty OM-1 and 55mm macro lens and a roll of Provia slide film.  I’ve really begun focusing on using film, and enjoying it a great deal.

This image was taken with Fuji Superia 200 and a Niikon N90S camera, and my first roll through this new-to-me camera.  The lens is likely my 28-85mm macro lens.  Having a film camera with autofocusing is a new one for me – I have an F100 but it is a little quirky – and it performs beautifully.  ITh just finished a roll of Ilford HP+ 400 iso, shot at 800, and in development (if the lab doesn’t screw it up) at +1.  We’ll see what happens!

Anyway, a few words from yours truly, in need for a spot of color!