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Against the Sky


Today we went out to the California Poppy Reserve near Lancaster, California.  In Los Angeles County, this is in the middle of nowhere, and here is where you see the beauty that was California before Los Angeles and urban sprawl took over.  The rains of the past winter have produced an abundance of flowers – more than in many years.  Here is the first of a series I took today.

It’s funny how weather can change from one place to another.  We drove 70 miles, through canyons and back roads to get here.  From our 71 F city we came into a cold (50 F) and very, very windy environment (30-50 mph winds).  All I had for cold weather was a vest and a short-sleeved T-shirt.  Brrrr!

This is a panorama of about 5 images.

Da Boids

Da Boids

“Da Boids” is New York for “The Birds.”  As in “Toity poiple boids all poiched in a twee, toity poiple boids all choipin at me.  Choip, choip, choip.”

Anyway, these are some kind of water bird with little tail-like feathers on their heads.  They stalk their prey, as does the heron, but on considerably shorter legs.  Altogether, they are rather lovely, with their bright legs and blue feathers.  They are found inland as well as near the shore.