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The Grand Tetons


My historical vacation photos on film always ended up . . . as the backsides of deer.  My first visit to Yosemite seemed to be image after image of deer butts.  I had my first “real” film camera, a Canon A-1 (which I still have and is really beat up) and no idea how to use it.  Or how to frame.  Or anything.  It was as annoying as hell, and I walked away from photography until the Nikon Hit Man loaned me his D70 years ago.  Since then, I’ve returned to film, considerably more adept at avoiding deer butts than in the past.

I am not sure where this was taken in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, but I really liked the field of wildflowers, the edge of pine, and then the Tetons rising up from the valley floor.  If I can, one day I want to spend more time truly exploring this area and hiking along the trails – possibly even higher up than we were.

I used the Olympus OM-1n, Cinestill 50, Olympus 35-70mm lens, and the Pakon to scan.  This is a pano of 2 or 3 images stitched together in LR with some post.

In the Misty Coastal Range

In the Misty Coastal Range

Along the central California coast, the marine layer can extend inland. There are days when the skies are grey, and “sunny California” exists as a memory. Inland, the layer breaks up, but along the coast and tucked into the edges of the mountains, it can be depressingly dull. As a result, “May Grey” and “June Gloom” are my least favorite times to be on the coast, and am very glad I moved one valley inland!