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Old Friend

Yesterday I went out around noon.  Bad time, traditionally, to make a picture, but that was the time frame I had.  I had two film cameras with me – an OM-1n with an Orange 21 filter and B&W film, and a new-to-me Certo Six out on its maiden voyage and filled with Ektar 100.

As it was hot, I sat down in the shade along a trail.  And here, a tree I have so many times along my walk, had a brand new perspective.  I think I took it with both cameras, but it was just so beautiful, I took out my cell phone . . . too impatient to wait for film to come back.

How old is this lovely oak?  I know there were some here when the Spanish showed up 300 years ago, and they were old then.  Sometimes, I wish I could see the world through the eye of a tree.


Over the past week, I have been fermenting iron gall ink. Today I decanted the mixture, and here is my first attempt using it. I used a quill pen I cut from a turkey feather, and a dip pen using a flex nib. The paper is a Clairefontaine notebook with very smooth paper.

I am documenting this historical moment with some documentation . . .