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Early Morning


Another photo from the misty, moisty morning I climbed out of bed . . . .  While the Galaxy S5 takes OK panos, I like the stitching-together process better.  Here is a view of Mount Clef across the grasses of the small valley in Wildwood Park nearby my home.  Today we expect 86F, and tomorrow 91F.  I think I live in hell sometimes, even though it is very pretty!  I am tired of this heat – ongoing heat – and dream of water falling from the sky.

In the Misty Coastal Range

In the Misty Coastal Range

Along the central California coast, the marine layer can extend inland. There are days when the skies are grey, and “sunny California” exists as a memory. Inland, the layer breaks up, but along the coast and tucked into the edges of the mountains, it can be depressingly dull. As a result, “May Grey” and “June Gloom” are my least favorite times to be on the coast, and am very glad I moved one valley inland!