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Mexican Sage

Black and white does not do justice to the beauty of Mexican sage.  The flowers are soft and somewhat plush, with white and dark lavender to purple blooms.  The leaves are long and slender, slightly hairy, and release that fragrance typical of sage when crushed.  It’s a lovely garden plant, excellent in dry climes, is perennial, and requires little maintenance.  Besides all that, it is an excellent plant for a beautiful green natural dye.

Adventures with a Kodak Retina IIIc, a Xenon f2 Lens, and a Romp in the Garden

Last week, a new vintage camera arrived, an immigrant to our shores from afar.  It is a Kodak Retina IIIc with a Xenon f2 lens, from Chris Sherwood in New Zealand.  And it is a beauty of a camera and lens!

The Retina IIIc has a built-in selenium meter, with an initially-confusing way of using it.  I figured it out, and it is pretty accurate.  My first roll of film came out well-exposed, but I must admit, that I prefer the Sunny 16 rule and used it, along with some guestimates.

You know, when you get used to digital, you can shoot-shoot-shoot, but when you have to manually do everything, including thinking, it slows you down a lot!  I had to really stay in the moment to take 36 images in one place.  I also put together some shots to create panoramas, which I love to do, and they turned out okay, too.

More later . . .

Mexican Sage

Mexican Sage

Last weekend I went up to the local botanical gardens with three different film cameras, each loaded with different film.  I just wanted to use them up!  I haven’t sorted out what film is with what picture, or what camera, but once I do sit down – this weekend – it will be interesting to see what combinations end up being my favorite(s).