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Sunset at Minarets Vista

Sunset at Minarets Vista

Sunset and sunrise are the hardest images to work on in post – contrast issues, color issues, detail issues.  My own monitors vary in color quality – I have one that always veers to over-saturation, so I use the other to attempt to reach some semblance of what I saw / see (not see-saw, see?) or want to evoke.  The colors on this monitor are more subdued and not overdone, but I always wonder if the results are any good.  That’s the problem, I guess, with cheap monitors.  And, I am too cheap to replace them . . .

Hummingbird Moth

Hummingbird Moth

The very first day of our vacation to Mammoth Lakes earlier this summer found us arriving at our B&B on a fine, sunny day.  The balcony behind the house was brilliant in the sunshine, and to greet us was this Hummingbird Moth, fluttering around, and for all intents and purposes, looking and acting as a hummingbird does – quick darts, sudden stops, hovering in the air.  Luckily my camera was able to capture this beauty.  Interestingly enough, I had never heard about Hummingbird Moths until only a few days before I saw this one!