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Cast Beneath the Trees

In the lands of Covid-19, public libraries are closed, but the grounds are open for wanderers and snoops like me. This is a statue that I enjoy – the pleasures of reading, as passed down through the generations. Reading is so magical as your mind does the work, and imagination creates images and sounds and such that nothing else can equal.

Dry Creek

“Dry Creek” is a landscaping element popular in drought-ridden and dry climes, especially in the area I live. There is a semblance of a creek created with the use of rocks in a form of path or creek bed. It’s really a pleasant landscaping element. Additionally, the use of xeriscape plantings decreases the need for water once the plants are established. This is taken alongside one of the local library’s walls.

Under the Tree

I wandered around the complex – sounds industrial – which contains the teen center, senior center, and public library. Besides the buildings are gardens and a local park, all of which contain native plants and trees. And places for a person to enjoy. Here is one of the many benches under the trees, this one in front of the entrance to the main library. Having read that a good way to determine if a black and white photo will work is to look for strong contrasts . . . I liked the light sparking through the leaves above the bench in particular, as well as the shadows and lines within the frame.