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My box of knitting – a sweater in the round, to be steeked into a cardigan. The whole process of steeking entails sewing down a bead on either side of where you CUT THE SWEATER. From there, well, let’s wait until then! Too scary to contemplate for a first-time activity.

Oh, how Covid-19 makes you bored and brave (or foolish) at the same time!



I’ve pulled out a few old lenses.  This is a Vivitar 30-80mm from the 70s.  I took this checking out the focus, to remember how to use it, as well as check for lens creep.  Knowing all these helps when out shooting.  This lens has lens creep, but it is a really sweet lens to use, with film or digital.  Pure happenstance occurred when I took this – I was focusing on the ridges in this shawl, and didn’t see the notebook next to the folds.  Only when I saw the picture did I realize the coincidence.