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Porridge in the Morning

In the US porridge is known as oat meal. Depending on your word preference, call it as you will. I know one mother who calls it porridge so her kids will eat it – they won’t eat meal. As a child, I had no idea what Goldilocks and the three bears were eating and I wondered about it for years.

Today, my breakfast with a bit of yogurt and raisins – a daily dish for the most part!

Start of the Day

This is getting to be a rather fun project. No pressure, either. I am sort of documenting bits of my daily life with the Instax Printer Project. I am also finding out that my scanner was filthy, and probably the lens of my X100V needs a bit of dusting. Spot removal in post has been a major time sucker. Despite that, I am looking at photography as a fun adventure again! That is rather nice IMO.

Through the Window

I am not at all inspired to do photography and I am hoping this project – which so far seems pretty sad – might motivate me. The nice thing is that both my Fuji X100V and my cell phone connect to the Instax SP3 printer via bluetooth or whatever. As a result, I am now more inclined to take a camera with me when out and about, which is not much these days in the Land of Pandemia.

I’m in hiding these days – lurking at the window, hoping not to be seen . . .