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Poppy, Revisited

Matilija Poppy (1 of 1)

The original of this image had the poppies in the background burnt out against the sky. In LR, I created 5 virtual copies, each with a + or – value of 1 or 2, creating virtual bracketing. I exported them as tiffs. In Photomatix, I blended them to create a single image. The last move was into LR6, creating a slightly warmer cast, creating a gradient from the upper left to lower right (about half way). In the gradient, I adjusted the temp and tint sliders to adjust the sky. Final touch was a bit of clarification and dodging of the poppy in the foreground.

Fire Road to Somewhere

Fire Road to Somewhere

I expect the fire roads of many back country areas are dirt, but perhaps a little more green, with a few more trees. In the dry mountains and hills of California, this is a pretty typical scene. However, when you are in the middle of it all, taking the time to look gives you an appreciation for the beauty of plant and animal life. Up here are lizards and coyotes, snakes and birds. The plants are adapted to a life in a dry land, so leaves are small and flowers appear with a small amount of rain, so the seeds for the next season can regenerate the species. The air, too, can be filled with smells, such as the scent of resinous plants.

If you like, click on the image for a bigger view. This is a panorama processed in LR5 and Photomatix Pr.