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Dry Docked

Walking up and down the boardwalk / bike path of Monterey and Pacific Grove, it was really a delight to see these boats, old and fading as they are. I am not sure what awaits them, but personally I thought they were rather cute (for lack of a better word) and would love to see them chugging around in the sea! The Metropolis film shifts the colors, and while the boats were faded in color, they were still quite bright in the sunlight.

On the Rocks

My old, creaky bones don’t give me the pleasure of playing on rocks any more, much less climbing over fences to get to them. I rather envied these kids! There is something so enticing about perching above a clear bit of ocean – here, the Monterey Bay – and peering into the water below. Fish, anemones, kelp, rocks. Tide pools have the same fascination. As this neck of the bay is protected, the waters are clear and pristine. Wildlife, above and below the water, is readily seen.

Lomo Metropois, Nikon FM2n, Series E 100mm.

Spring Growth

Spring Growth

This is a post-production image from my first roll of film in the Nikon FM2N.  It is Fuji Superia Xtra 400, bought at the drugstore, developed at the drugstore.  Lens is a Vivitar Close Focus 28mm lens.

If you click on the image, a new one will come up.  If you have a magnifying glass for your cursor, click again, and the picture will blow up to the original size of the scan.  Kinda interesting?