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Apple Trees at Oak Creek Canyon

Apple Trees of Oak Creek Canyon

Oak Creek Canyon comes as a delightful surprise, and one needs to stop to look.  The drive to Sedona from Flagstaff, Arizona, is along a curvy road, one undergoing serious reconstruction when we drove it (bump, bump, bump!).  There are numerous turn-offs for hiking and viewing along the way, but we chose to stop at the Oak Creek Canyon Park to hike.

Originally, a pioneer family settled in, raising food for itself, such as chickens and apples.  The apple orchard is still there, as are remains of the rather fancy chicken coop (see a later photo) built of the native red stone.  In the 1920s it became a resort, evolving from a homestead to a place for the rich and famous.

Now it is an area to be enjoyed by the rich and poor alike, along with tourists and other such riff-raff.  Definitely a beautiful spot!  Bring a picnic and spend a day – plenty to see and do and enjoy.  It was one of my favorite places on our road trip.

Autumn Morning

Autumn Morning

The other morning – the first of the time change – I headed out with my Nikon V3 (which took this picture), my 6×9 Voigtlander Bessa, and Olympus XA4.  I used the Nikon to consider exposure, as well as to catch a few for here.  The film will go in to the lab for processing later this week.

It was an incredible morning.  The Chumash Trail is a trail along a corridor of native oak trees, which overarch the entire trail, spots and splotches of sunshine breaking through.  The trees are hundreds of years old.  In some trees, small flocks of black and white birds would land, and all of a sudden it was as if it were raining acorns.  It was quite odd, but restful, like rain pattering on leaves.



Sunday morning we had weather! Like clouds in a normally cloudless sky. Rain. Chilly weather at 72F. And it was heaven.

So, loaded with film and with digital, I walked along the creek, about 50 feet above it on the Moonrise trail. For me, this is a bit of a sketchy trail because it’s a bit treacherous here and there, so always best with a friend. I shot a lot of panos that morning, and took a roll of film, too, with my Canonet QL17. Here is one of the panos of that exquisite morning sky. Click on it a couple of times to see it larger.