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Fat Tire

Over a year ago I won a couple of rolls of Dubble film, and it was shipped all the way from Spain.  I finally got around to using it.  This is a desaturated image – since this is a black and white year – but the color one is pretty cool, too.  A lot of oddly colored films don’t appeal to me, but I really liked the results I got from it.  When I post a desaturated image from that lot, I’ll include the original, too.  I clean things up in LR and such, getting rid of the specks and threads of processing, but for the color ones, that is all I will do.


Gone to Seed

Here in California the Monarch Butterfly population is decreasing.  They live on milkweed, and to help the butterflies, people plant the milkweed in their gardens.  I have several plants, donated and self-propagated, in my side patio container garden.  The Monarchs do come around, too, and often they flit in pairs.  Perhaps we will find caterpillars in the future.  This milkweed is sending forth its seeds, scattering on the breeze.