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Project 1: Corners

There is something about corners that I really like.  Corners intimate something new and unseen.  Corners provide a place to hide.  Corners are edges.  Altogether, corners have many meanings, some subtle, some not.

There are lots of phrases about corners, too:

  • A tight corner
  • All corners of the world
  • Blind corner
  • Coffin corner
  • Come the three corners of the world in arms
  • Corner the market
  • Cut corners
  • Drive someone into a corner
  • From the four corners of the earth
  • Go to a neutral corner
  • Got you cornered
  • In your corner
  • Just around the corner
  • Kitty corner
  • Little Jack Horner sat in a corner ( line from nursery rhyme )
  • Paint yourself into a corner
  • Painted into a corner
  • The Naughty Corner
  • Turn the corner

Yeah, lots!  Then there is the definition of corner from Merriam-Webster, also loaded with information, some of which I don’t get (like “cornerback”).

  • 1a :  the point where converging lines, edges, or sides meet :  angle

  • 1b :  the place of intersection of two streets or roads

  • 1c :  a piece designed to form, mark, or protect a corner

  • 2a:  the angular part or space between meeting lines, edges, or borders near the vertex of the angle <the southwest corner of the state> <the corners of the tablecloth>:

  • 2b:  the area of a playing field or court near the intersection of the sideline and the goal line or baseline

  • 2c (1) :  either of the four angles of a boxing ring; especially :  the area in which a boxer rests or is worked on by his seconds during periods between rounds (2) :  a group of supporters, well-wishers, or adherents associated especially with a contestant  c :  the side of home plate nearest to or farthest from a batter  d :  corner kick  e (1) :  the outside of a football formation (2) :  cornerback

  • 3a :  a private, secret, or remote place <a quiet corner of New England> <to every corner of the earth>b :  a difficult or embarrassing situation :  a position from which escape or retreat is difficult or impossible <was backed into a corner>

  • 4:  control or ownership of enough of the available supply of a commodity or security especially to permit manipulation of the price

  • 5:  a point at which significant change occurs —often used in the phrase turn the corner

You get the idea.  Now I have you cornered!