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Start of the Day

This is getting to be a rather fun project. No pressure, either. I am sort of documenting bits of my daily life with the Instax Printer Project. I am also finding out that my scanner was filthy, and probably the lens of my X100V needs a bit of dusting. Spot removal in post has been a major time sucker. Despite that, I am looking at photography as a fun adventure again! That is rather nice IMO.

Pin Oak Leaves


The Pin Oak is a tree indigenous to the parts of the US east of California – which means everywhere is east!  These are trees familiar to my childhood in the midwest and along the eastern seaboard, and I missed them forever once we moved to California.  There are oak trees in California, but they are adapted to a different climate, with much smaller leaves which don’t turn orange before falling.  Also, they are green year round, which is a blessing of color in a beige winter landscape.  And, they are as wonderful as the Pin Oak.  Yay, trees!

Afternoon Walk

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

I took a 2-hour walk this afternoon. It feels like the beginning of autumn – a bit cooler – and it looks like autumn, too, because the light is losing its intensity as we move away from the sun. I had my FM2n with me, complete with lens and film, but finished the roll. Since I had the phone, I tried a few. VSCO makes great products, for the phone, and for post in LR or PS!