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Another image from the Moonrise Trail.  Because it varies from sunny to shady, it’s a great place to play with exposure and other photo-y things, like compensation, speed, and aperture.

This was taken using the Canonet GIII QL17, Agfa Vista 200, and scanned at home using the Pakon NonPlus.  Some tweaks in LR and On1.



The Canonet QL17 is a nice, solid rangefinder, which has an “A” for automatic, as well as the capability to be manually set in all areas.  I shot a roll of Agfa Vista 200, mostly on “A” to see how well it works.  Overall, I think I may prefer to set my exposure factors manually as a lot of the images were a bit blurry or soft.  I’ve got some film someplace that may be a bit sharper, shot a year or so ago, that I need to find in order to do some comparisons.  This was taken in the food area of The Grove in L.A.

The Geek in the Brew Shop

The Geek in the Brew Shop

Taken with the Canonet GIII QL rangefinder with Kodak Portra 400. Developed by a local lab (which is friendly and does nice work) as well as scanned, this is my own scan from the Pakon F135 scanner. I also did some post in LR and DxO to reduce the noise. Because of the detail, I probably used f5.6 or so, and not enough time – the original was darkish – so the film was quite grainy.

This brings up the question – why do film when you are going to manipulate it in the computer anyway?

Is Anyone There?

Is Anyone There?

Last year I was hiking in a favorite area, and came across a movie set. This was what was there, along with spooky gates and other such things. It was situated in a public place. It was Easter Sunday.

There was a security guard there. He yelled and wave his arms at us – like a ghost? – telling us we couldn’t even look at the set, much less photograph it. Well, my taxes pay for the park, it is public property, and I wasn’t hurting anything. I got this picture, but wish I had gotten more.

Later, I called the city, and complained, and they assured me I was within my rights, and they were also annoyed with the movie company as they had emphasized the fact it is on public property.

Unknown film; with a Canonet GIII QL rangefinder ca. 1970.