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Another image from the first roll of film, Agfa Vista 200, from the Kodak Retina IIIc with Xenon f2 lens.

This is a rather impressive little camera, and I have a feeling I am falling in love with it, particularly because of the detail it gives (when I focus properly) and the smooth, creamy bokeh in the background.

On an aside, we spent the morning cleaning up the patio garden, putting in peppers and tomatoes, transplanting pot-bound herbs and such, as well as setting up seeds for shade flowers and French radishes.  It’s going to be hot this next week, so why not do it now?



While I love the convenience of digital, I find I am being drawn more into the slower moves of analog / film photography because of the subtleties one finds in film.  The colors vary with film, exposure factors, lens and camera, and while it is possible to emulate them digitally, it just isn’t there visually.

Nikon FM2N, Elicar 55mm f2.8 Macro, Lomo 100 changed to b&w.