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Over There

One thing I rather enjoy about going out to test things out – film, camera, lens – is the fact it puts me in a mood to experiment. Not that this is an especially inspiring picture, but what I mean is that I think about photography a bit differently than at other times. Maybe this approach – the thought of “experimenting” and not worrying about the results – is a more creative, and consequently satisfying, approach.

Again, Nikon and Ilford Ortho Plus 80.

Under the Tree

I wandered around the complex – sounds industrial – which contains the teen center, senior center, and public library. Besides the buildings are gardens and a local park, all of which contain native plants and trees. And places for a person to enjoy. Here is one of the many benches under the trees, this one in front of the entrance to the main library. Having read that a good way to determine if a black and white photo will work is to look for strong contrasts . . . I liked the light sparking through the leaves above the bench in particular, as well as the shadows and lines within the frame.

Please Be Seated

This is a doozy of a pano – about 40 – taken with the Df and the 70-300 Tamron.  I used MS’s Image Composition Editor.  It does a really good job, much faster the Photoshop.  Click on the image a couple of times to see the detail and size of this picture – and I reduced it substantially from the original pano!

This particular bench is a favorite of mine, both to photograph and to plop down upon to survey the world around me.