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Fat Tire

Over a year ago I won a couple of rolls of Dubble film, and it was shipped all the way from Spain.  I finally got around to using it.  This is a desaturated image – since this is a black and white year – but the color one is pretty cool, too.  A lot of oddly colored films don’t appeal to me, but I really liked the results I got from it.  When I post a desaturated image from that lot, I’ll include the original, too.  I clean things up in LR and such, getting rid of the specks and threads of processing, but for the color ones, that is all I will do.


The Geek in the Brew Shop

The Geek in the Brew Shop

Taken with the Canonet GIII QL rangefinder with Kodak Portra 400. Developed by a local lab (which is friendly and does nice work) as well as scanned, this is my own scan from the Pakon F135 scanner. I also did some post in LR and DxO to reduce the noise. Because of the detail, I probably used f5.6 or so, and not enough time – the original was darkish – so the film was quite grainy.

This brings up the question – why do film when you are going to manipulate it in the computer anyway?