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For the Fallen, Be at Peace

Oak Leaves

With Autumn upon us, one recalls life and death.  With today being Halloween – All Hallow’s Eve – Samhain – the line between the living and dead blows thin.  We were in Colorado last week to put to rest the remains of my oldest brother, who passed away last April.  He had a hard life after he left home, so he died relatively young.  These leaves are part of the oak grove where we laid his ashes.  From here, he can see across the plateau to the snow-covered mountains miles away.  Be at peace, brother.

Autumnal Grasses

Autumnal Grasses

A new-to-me film, recommended by one whose photography I admire: Kodak UltraMax 400. Not an expensive film. I shot the roll at the recommended iso, using the automatic exposure element in a Ricoh XR-10 camera, and a Vivitar 28-70mm lens. The guy at the photo lab suggest I shoot all 400 at 320 iso instead – longer exposure, better color. I’ve loaded another roll of the same film, in the same camera, to test it out at a lower iso.

This image was doctored a bit in LR.