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Just because of the way life has been moving of late, I have not had much opportunity or desire to get out to make some photos.  However, my interest must be returning as I am looking at older pix and editing them in LR and other software.  Here, some fallen alstroemeria petals.

And today, I went out to the local botanical gardens with the Trip 35 and a roll of Rollei 25.  I don’t know if it’s black and white, or color film.  So, I just shot!  It had to be out in bright circumstances – 25 iso film need a lot of light!  Where it was a bit “dark” for the sensor, popping the iso to 40 or 50 fooled the camera.  Let’s see what comes of them . . .

Flower Heart

Flower Heart

Focus stacking is fun to do – but to do it really well needs a bit more refinement than I am providing here. I used my 100mm f2.8 Tokina macro lens and shot 24 images. I made the final stack in PS6 as Zerene messed up a bit – not because it couldn’t do the trick, but I shot the flowers outside, where a very light breeze moved the flower now and again. The result was that parts of the flower are a bit blury, as can be seen in the lower left side and bottom of the image.