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Touches of Light


I’ve been on quite a roll using my older cameras.  This is one of maybe 2 or 3 images (out of 8 possible on a roll) taken with my only 6×9 camera, the classic Voigtlander Bessa RF from the 1930s.  This my first experience with Fuji Pro 400H 120mm film.  My scans were not the best, but worse was the amount of crud on the film.  Processor or me?

Overall, pleased with both film and camera, especially how dark the trail was from being underneath so many trees, the fact that it was early morning, and that I had to handhold the camera – no tripod! – to get what I wanted.  Oh, I guessed at all the exposures too!

For the Vernal Equinox


This has been a crazy several weeks . . . primarily, car problems leading to searching for a new one to replace the one which died, and finally taking the plunge.  I got what I wanted.

However, the fact is, life came to a halt.  No time for photography, only time to take a quick peek at what I have already done.  Today, I got out and about, but this is from a roll I did a couple of weeks ago.

A sycamore tree with new leaves!  How glorious is that?  Taken with Portra 400, Voigtlander RF, Heliar 105mm, 6×9 folder.



I’ve a small collection of older cameras.  This is a portrait of one of my favorite people, taken with a Voigtlander RF, a folder from the 1930s.  It has a Heliar uncoated lens, 105mm, which is appropriate for the 6×9 camera size.  The film is Portra 400, 120.

I have done some post processing here, cleaning up a streak running through the film, as well as erasing bits and pieces of odd detritus.  I also pushed the color a bit, as the original image was rather pale – perhaps a bit overexposed.