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A View to the East

The View to the East ii

Sunday morning we went out for a hike in the local open space.  The coastal ranges are beautiful right now because of the rains, so long missing from our climate, and returning because of El Nino.  Yesterday’s photo was facing west; this is what lay behind me.  A green and misty land, with a deep gorge to the right, a ridge to the left which, should I climb it, will bring me down into another valley.  Spring!

BTW, this is another panorama, taken with 17 images and merged in LR 6.5.  Gotta love the digital darkroom!

Leaves Under My Feet


Walking along a trail, it is easy to miss what you are walking by or on. Often, for me, the little things along the way are the most interesting. Small and fragile, they are easily destroyed. I expect they are far more resilient than they may look!

I took this picture at the end of April when my sister was visiting from out of state.  Some post done in LR and PPS9.5.