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Ceanothus is also known as California Lilac. it is a shrub with glossy green leaves (as you can see in the photo!). It comes in other colors, too, but the blue is the original color. To me, it is always the sign that spring is on the way – and today I found it, along with a lot of other plants in bloom. I was as busy as a bee!

I used my Nikon V3 and 70-300mm lens, which, with a 2.8 crop factor, makes the 300mm closer to 810mm. It allows for great shots and I totally forget, until I use it, what a wonderful system it is.


House Finch

Today I went up to the Botanical Gardens, one thought on my mind:  to take images of birds with my 70-300mm lens on the Nikon V3.  As the V3 has a 2.7 crop factor, this makes the 70-300 the equivalent of 189-810mm.

I’ve never used this lens to specifically capture birds, but it did a pretty good job.  My technique was shutter priority, with the shutter set to 1/1000 to keep blur to the least possible amount; I also set the iso to 3200 down (priority based) and the f/stop to about 5.6 to 8.

I have absolutely no idea what these birds are, nor was I really aware of birds until I was determined to find them.  I had hoped to see a road runner – they are up there! – but I did see four distinctively different ones, which I caught.  Looking in Peterson’s Field Guide to Birds of Western North America, this looks like a wren, but what kind???

The 1 Nikon 70-300mm lens does a pretty good job overall.  It has the advantage of being lightweight with image stabilization.  Coupled with the V3, I could catch multiple images in a row, clicking away as the birds moved around, and then choosing the best of what I got.

More to follow!

Note:  A fellow on flickr says these little guys are White Crowned Sparrows!